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Description Late light on Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs, seen from Cuckmere Haven, near Seaford, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Keywords afternoon light bluff bluffs Britain British Isles chalk cliff chalk cliffs chalk downland chalk downlands chalk downs chalk formation chalk formations chalk headland chalk headlands chalk layer chalk layers cliff cliffs coast coastal coastline coastlines coasts Cretaceous chalk layer Cuckmere Haven down downland downlands downs East Sussex England English English Chanel eroded erosion Europe foreshore formation formations G.B. GB geological geological formation geological formations geology Great Britain image images late light layer layering layers limestone low tide low tides natural natural landscape natural landscapes ocean oceans photo photos rock formation rock formations S.E. England SE England sea Seaford seas sedimentary layer sedimentary layers Seven Sisters Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs Seven Sisters Cliffs Seven Sisters Country Park shore shoreline shorelines shores South Downs South Downs N.P. South Downs National Park South Downs NP South East England Southern England steep stone strata stratum Sussex The Seven Sisters tidal tide tides U.K. UK United Kingdom unusual natural feature unusual natural features unusual natural formation unusual natural formations water white chalk cliff white chalk cliffs White Cliff white cliffs channel channels English Channel channel
License Type: Rights Managed
Release Status: No Release

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